How much is mold inspection?

This is a very good question and most home-owners face the mold situation once in their home ownership career. You probably just found some mold in your house and now concerned for your family’s health. With all mold situations, it is best to get a mold inspection done to know what mold you currently have at hand.

Consider what goes into a mold inspection

Inspector will do a full visual inspection of the property. This includes areas of concern and general areas that typically have mold growth. The three determining factors for mold removal is location, how much mold there is, the type they will be dealing with and the property type.

So let’s dig deeper on what each factor is considered.

Location Assessment

Depending on the location of the mold, the inspector will assess how easily they can get to the area. If the inspector has to climb up into a hot attic, then there is more work of carrying equipment to the desired location. If it is a crawl space with tight area to maneuver, then it takes longer for the personal to move around.

Quantity of Mold

The inspector will review how much mold there is exactly. This will a determine factor on how much mold removal cost. If the whole basement is full of mold, then it will cost a lot more compared to a single wall in the bathroom.

Type of Mold

The mold inspection will also include analyzing the mold and to determine what type it is. With over 20 some types of mold, the inspector will be able to determine by taking a sample and sending to a mold testing lab. Most homeowners see black mold and automatically thinking they have the dangerous black mold. This is not always the case. This is why it is important to get a sample as you know what you are dealing with exactly.

Property Type

Residential – Residential is usually a smaller building than commercial and mold area is usually smaller
Commercial – The entire building will have to be tested.

Mold Testing Type

The inspection should include a minimum of 2 samples of either type testing below. Each sample is taken from a different location as this allows to get a better reading. Depending on size of the home, more sample may be needed.

  • Air Cell Testing – The inspector collects a surface swab from a potentially infested area for testing in a lab. Some pros have concerns about this being the sole test done because it only gathers a small amount of data from a certain area of the house. It’s frequently done in conjunction with air testing.
  • Swab Testing – Collects an air sample in the home to measure the amount of mold spores in the air. It is frequently done in conjunction with swab testing to ensure more complete data. Costs are higher for this test because the equipment required is more expensive.

Mold Inspection Only By Professional Qualified Mold Inspectors

Having a professional mold inspector who has been trained allows you to have accurate information of what you currently have at hand. They are trained to deal with this sort of thing and have been dealing it with for years.

Why Having Mold Inspection Is Ideal

Below is the top 3 reasons to get the inspection.

  • Verify the moisture source has been successfully stopped. Insuring no residual mold growth has been left after a known water and mold problem has been fixed.
  • Knowing what type of mold present and the correct procedure to remove.
  • Confirm there is no existing moisture or mold problem associated with the building/home that you plan to rent or purchase keeping your family safe and healthy.

So how much does a home inspection cost?

The average standard home can range from $285 to $1,895. Due to the factors mentioned above, this will determine the cost.

Some Mold Inspections Are FREE

Some companies will give you a FREE mold removal estimate. Since they are FREE, determine how well they educate you in the process. What company makes you feel that they are in your best interest. Was the receptionist helpful and friendly? Did they answer all your questions? If so, then you know that the company is there to help you.

Some sources say to be careful that mold inspections are free but will add the price up during mold removal. This might be true but I guess what company doesn’t do this? Are they pressuring you and not answering all your questions? Do your best judgement and its best to sometimes get second opinions on the matter.